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The present agreement is made between the person who has signed up for a free service (such as the 7 day fit into your old jeans challenge) or paid for the 6 weeks + 2 weeks keto group coaching program or signed up for Ivetts Inner Circle Membership or any other service free or paid by Living Keto


Vince & Ivett Productions AB, 559077–8881
(Hereafter referred to as “the coach”)
With distribution address:
Kristinebergsvägen 54, 23837 Oxie Sweden

The Customer’s Commitment
The customers agrees to pay the offered amount for the 6 Weeks of Keto Group Coaching or any other coaching service by the coach based on Dr Eric Bergs Healthy Keto Diet.

The customer agrees not to complicate the coach’s fulfilment of the assignment, neither actively nor passively, by withholding relevant facts or the like. All information provided to the coach must be correct, adequate, and documented.

The coach acts on the basis of material, health material, desires for weight loss and the general goals given by the customer to the coach. The coach gets free hands to review all the documents or observations submitted to him/her and can also show it to another experts such as a dietician etc.

The customer is fully aware that Vince & Ivett Productions AB is not a doctor’s office and that the coach is not a trained / licensed dietician, doctor or healthcare professional. The coach only guarantees that she/he is certified Dr. Eric Berg Healthy Keto Coach. The customer is also aware that the mission only includes support for a healthier diet and lifestyle. The coach is NOT responsible for diseases and does NOT guarantee any improvement in the customer’s health condition. This information has come to the customer’s knowledge before the contract is established. The customer also undertakes to inform the coach in advance of any illnesses and medications the customer might be on, as well as any possible side effects as advised by the doctor (info@livingketo.org). If the customer has any known health problems, it is also recommended that they do control or follow-up with their doctor.

With the disclosure of this information, the customer undertakes not to put forth any financial or non-profit claims, of whatever kind to Vince & Ivett Productions AB, Ivett Racz or any company belonging to Ivett Racz or any of her employees. Furthermore, the customer waives the coach from any liability that may arise during, before or after the handling of their case. If the customer wants to cancel the contract after a complaint, any compensation will only be paid from already paid funds. The customer agrees to not require additional compensation or damages.

All handling between the parties in whatever way it may be shall be subject to strict confidentiality by the coach and no information shall be disclosed outside the 6 weeks group coaching program or any other program by the coach or the attendees of the 6 weeks group coaching program or any other program.
Regarding the processing of personal data etc., reference is made to our GDPR policy (Appendix 2 or www.livingketo.org/privacy) which constitutes content for this agreement.

The Coach’s Obligations
The coach agrees to supervise and safeguard the interests of the customer in her assignment as stated in section 2 (1).
The coach reserves the right to withdraw from the contract in the event that is outside the coach’s control such as illness, accident, and force majeure.

By creating a log in to the 6 weeks keto group coaching or any other coaching service by the Coach, both parties declare themselves satisfied and fully understood with all the terms of this agreement. The parties hereby certify that they have carefully reviewed this agreement and thereby fully understood the meaning of all the terms and conditions. The customer also certifies that enough time has been given to review the agreement with an advisor. All other written, oral or otherwise made commitments and commitments that preceded this agreement are replaced by the contents of this agreement at the start date of the agreement.

Dispute resolution and applicable law
Disputes arising from this agreement shall be settled by a public court. This agreement shall be interpreted and applied in accordance with Swedish law.