Before I got coaching from Ivett, I was doing keto about 50%. I had Dr. Berg’s book, but I wasn’t sure which body type I was and I had  questions and not enough discipline. Nor was I losing much weight which was my main purpose. We established my body type right off the bat. She answered my other questions – some answers were surprising. She gave me a list of what I could eat AND a meal plan. That was a blessing – I started eating fish and making tastey keto dishes. AND I really started losing weight – 9 pounds in a month. ALSO I lost 2 chronic body problems I had had for many years: my legs would get very sore after being on my feet for an hour or 2.  GONE!  
I often woke up hungry in the middle of the night and couldn’t go back to sleep without eating something. GONE!
These are wonderful wins for me. Thank you so much, Ivett!!❤️

Diane H

I have tried many diets in my life as I gained a lot of weight up to 107 kg and my physical condition was getting worse as the years were going by. This was coming to a point that I started to get high blood pressure, diabetes and pain in the body etc

The diets I tried out never worked out as I felt the diets were very complicated and a had to sacrifice food so that the food was getting boring to eat and I like good food. So all diets I succeeded for one to two month and then I went Back to the old behaviour.

Then I met my life saver Ivett Racz that told me that she has educated herself in the diet Keto and told me that this diet would help me and it would be easy for me. She offered to coach me over a period of time of 10 weeks.

As I was in a vey bad shape I agreed and was thinking that i could give it a shot but did not really believe it would work and that I would get back to the old behaviour after a month or so.


  1. Ivette educated me in a very simple way how the body worked, a very simple education so that the complication about diets went away in my mind
  2. The food I should eat was food that I liked so that I never felt that I had to sacrifice good food
  3. After 3 weeks my diabetes was handled
  4. My high blood pressure went down an is more or less normal in the moment of writing this
  5. I am sleeping much better not waking up 4/5 times every night
  6. I lost 18 KG, went from 98 kg when i started to today 80 kg

So what can I say? Keto worked for me and thank you Ivett for being such a great coach taking me through so that I did not even feel that I was on a diet, a diet that today is my normal way of thinking when it comes to eating.

Michael N

The Keto diet has been great for me in order to change what I’m eating and to improve my health.
The first weeks I got rid of the cravings for sugar and bread. I feel much healthier than before and after five weeks I have more energy and I’m losing weight. The greatest achievement is to have a healthy life style and body with the Keto diet.
Thanks to my lovely coach Ivett I am on my way towards that goal!



I want to start out with saying that I did not do this for weight loss, I wanted to get more healthy and see how my body would react on that.

I’m very happy with the coaching, Ivett is very clear and gives simple instructions and educates you in a good and simple way so you can actually understand the basics of nutrients and how the body works. 

I got simple tools to know what I should eat and what I should avoid. And if I had any questions (believe me, I had!) she answered them all and was always available for me. This is so valuable, specially when you are new and just getting started! 

In the end of my one month of coaching I already felt changes. The first weeks my bloating was gone, I actually lost a little weight, which I didn’t intended but nice bonus, my skin got better, and the last week I got more energy to do things.

I’m very happy with that the coaching is very personal , I’m eating mostly vegan food, some vegetarian, and Ivett was very open and gave me options and didn’t see it as a stop, I also got special advises for different body issues that is very personal to me. I can see Ivett has a lot of knowledge in this area and I would recommend anyone who would want to live a healthier life, for ANY reason to give it a try!


I got very useful information during the coaching program, I understand better how to handle different reactions of my body. I got to learn that sugar is a suppressive invention and it is absolutely not needed as I can replace it with natural substitutes. Things that my body can use. Thank you for taking care of me with lot of care and taking your time.

Eva D.

I will soon be 55 years old. I have always been a thin type, but the changing age has made my hormones go nuts and I put on a lot of weight. None of the diets were effective… then i met the keto diet…. and I saw that it worked on everyone. With Ivetts help I started keto also. She has given me maximal help with her competent advice and with what food to eat. First we recalibrated my body to use fat energy first by eating two times a day and then once a day. The best in the whole thing is the it went easy and i wasn’t hungry. So I lost 15 kgs in 3 months and i am maintaining my weight since then. It was a total success!!!!!

Maria K



I started Keto diet together with my boyfriend who was not too fond of those crazy type of diets, girls tend to try all the time. After a big loss in my life, a parent passed on, I more or less lost control over my weight. I managed to lose a lot on my own, training and eating healthy but just one year after, then all came back with some extra kgs even 😜😂 omg I mean this weight loss journey is crazy sometimes and you go a bit nuts. BUT… then it happened. Ivett started to post a lot about the Keto diet. It started to get up my interest a bit, as it seemed healthy and actually made sense. I decided to read on Dr Bergs website. Now I 100% decided. I wanted to do this. At first I thought of doing it with cooperation from the website of Dr Berg. But after contacting Ivett I found out that she is a licensed Keto coach! This really was the best solution, as I think every time you start something “new” it’s good to get all the help, facts and pushes you can get. It turned out to be really awesome, I got a safe start with my Keto journey and I don’t think I would had made it without her. Ivett has so much experience and she had all those “try and errors” already. So you as a client can get a safe, straight travel to lose your excess weight and become healthy! 

So? After 2 months in, what did I experienced so far? I lost about 7kgs!!! And for me as a gym freak before, I did not gym a single time! To make it! That is truly cool! I feel that I eat so more healthy, my interest into food is much bigger. I love to cook, and to eat good. Our life before consisted in 80-90% eating outside (restaurants) and that I know is soooo not goood!!! Now we eat about 99% at home, and only home cooked foods 💕😌👏yeeeeah! So yeah a total lifestyle change! I had also some health issues that actually now vanished. After trying to treat it with medicine, and natural cures. Nothing really helped and it continued to come back. Now, after 2 months on keto.. it feels like it is truly gone!! 

My boyfriend had gotten nice benefits to! Less weight, nicer skin, all pimples are gone on his face! It looks the best it ever did. We enjoy doing the Keto and we can’t wait to see what will happen more further in our Keto adventure!