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Announcing the HIT IT DON’T QUIT IT Living Keto Membership — exclusively for graduates of the Living Keto Group Program!

So you can get to and maintain your goal weight, without ever struggling to keep it off again. Continue to transform into the best version of your body, mind, health, and lifestyle. 

By joining HIT IT DON’T QUIT IT, you will: 

Trust yourself and your body to keep off the weight you’ve already lost

Continue to see your body slim down and tone up

Watch your pants size get to the smallest its ever been

Keep your new healthy eating habits that continue to become effortless

Learn new recipes and easy hacks for quick, but oh-so satisfying treats

Have support when others around you try to tempt you with their ways of eating

Build lifetime relationships with people who ‘get you’

Even though you’ve had great success already making major changes in your body, you need long-term support and accountability to keep it going.

You’ve already built a solid foundation for living the keto lifestyle, but what happens when you slip up at a holiday dinner, work event, or birthday celebration for your kids?

How will you maintain your weight loss when you’ve hit a plateau and aren’t sure what it’s from?

Who’s going to support you during stressful times where doing Intermittent Fasting is the last thing you want to think about?

What if you put living keto on autopilot and start to have hidden carbs sneak back in, that only a keto expert could help you identify?

What will stop you from just giving up?

“She is safe and always there when needed. 

She helped me to understand Keto more and to learn the fundamentals and how the body works.

 I truly believe that Ivett is able to help anyone with her knowledge, she can change ones life! 

 I understood more about my body type and how to help my body! 

 If you need a change! If you need to have more energy! And not be hungry, this is the woman you need to contact.” — Annica


It’s a highly interactive, engaged, supportive opportunity to see more success than you ever have with a diet or shift in lifestyle.

Take a look at what your membership will look like:

  • Weekly, LIVE advanced Q&A workshops: Not only will you have the only opportunity to continue learning exclusively from Ivett (outside of her private clients), you will get all of your questions answered each week to ensure you optimize your diet for success


  • HIT IT DON’T QUIT IT Facebook Group: A community for members only where you can discuss your wins, struggles, insights, and build empowering relationships with others along the same journey


  • All-access pass to top Keto Coach Ivett: Unlike most memberships that ‘throw you to the wolves’ with digital recordings and downloads, never to hear from the guru or expert, the Living Keto Membership gives you regular support from Ivett, so you have expert guidance as soon as you need it


  • Opportunity for private 1 x month coaching: An incredible option to receive private, 1:1 support with a monthly coaching call. Have tips, strategies, and advice tailored specifically to your individual needs and goals each time


  • Custom tailored recipes and nutrition guidance: Receive even more of Ivett’s high quality recipes and nutritional support so you can become a pro at cooking, eating, and living the ultimate ketogenic lifestyle

  • Tight-knit network of supportive Keto Lifestylers: Not seeing any more fat melt off? Struggling to stay motivated with Intermittent Fasting? Have a family member that is jealous of your success, or makes it difficult for you to eat with them at dinner? Lean on your fellow members for support so you continually have access to a community that will only lift you higher towards your goals


  • Accountability challenges and celebrations: Make sure you stay on the right track and actually achieve the success you’re looking for with accountability challenges, goal setting techniques, and celebrations of your mini milestones


Are you ready to continue to lose serious weight and look better than you ever have before? 

“I decided a few months ago that I would ask Ivett for help so that I could eat more healthily.
I had seen her fantastic results and I hoped that it would also work for me.  So I contacted her and she introduced me to the Keto diet and I just followed what she advised me.
What I got is more than weight loss (This is what I primarily wanted), I got data regarding how the body works and I feel much better in my body. I don’t need to carry around plus kilos, my clothes sizes got a lot smaller, I can eat healthily and I can easily follow this lifestyle by myself. So if you too want to change your diet, want to lose weight or want to know more about what food is the best for you, then just contact Ivett.” — Melinda

“I was introduced to the Keto-diet in May 2018. I started on the diet and I lost 16 kg up to around January 2019. 
I was very happy with my new body. Anyhow I was happy I still had a belly that I wanted to get rid of and I still wanted to lose 2-3 kg. I stayed at the same weight for a couple of months, so then I started a 5 weeks coaching program with Ivett.
I thought I knew the most of the keto-diet! But NO, I learned so much more!
The exact problems were addressed with the meal plans and the study programs. I understood so much more why my body functions in a special way. One example that I cognited on is WHY I have started to forget things. I didn’t have this as in issue of a problem to handle because I thought it was my age….(67 years). This cognition was such a relief for me!
To understand what body type I have and how it functions helps me tremendously in my daily life! 

I also got help with my sleeping problems as an extra bonus during the coaching program. Ivett is very serviceminded and helped me a lot between the weekly coaching talks. It was easy to address things to handle that I hadn’t had attention on from the beginning.
Now when the 5 weeks have passed I have lost my belly and I have lost more than 3 kg. I keep on losing weight though I don’t go for it!! The weight I have now I haven’t had since I was 20 years old!
I also learned that the Keto-diet is not a diet, it is a lifestyle that I will adhere to for the rest of my life.” — Ann

Don’t stop at the success you’ve already had. Relying on willpower won’t work.

Everything in your life can impact or halt your new fit and healthy lifestyle. Outside influences will chip away at your confidence, determination, and focus until you decide to quit. Influences like: 

  • Longer hours or a chaotic schedule at work
  • Family emergencies or unforseen circumstances
  • Personal injuries or health issues flaring up
  • An increase in travel to non-keto friendly environments
  • Close friends and loved ones becoming jealous or unsupportive
  • More temptations sneaking around when you eat with others
  • Memories and nostalgia related to celebrations with food
  • Temperature changes effecting desire to break fasting window
  • Seeing others have faster weight loss success than you

And so many more. Plus, the problem with other online Keto groups that are free or run by unqualified health coaches, is their environment isn’t conducive to active change and it isn’t supportive. Many of these groups give bad advice than can halt or reverse your weight loss, bringing you to add on the fat you’ve worked so hard to get rid of. They also are filled with individuals who don’t invest in themselves, and therefore are less likely to stay focused on achieving what they want.

The HIT IT DON’T QUIT IT Living Keto Membership will help you: 

Find the courage to easily resist your favorite tempting foods (like donuts, cookies, and pizza!)

Move past the times when you’re counting hours waiting for weight to melt off faster

Identify more opportunities to transform your body, health, and life you previously didn’t see

Get rid of the root cause of unhealthy eating habits for good

Stay focused on your goals and reason ‘why’ for living keto — even when others around you just don’t ‘get it’

Feel safe to express your difficulties, setbacks, confusion, and disappointment when you need emotional support most

Celebrate your wins so that you constantly see improvements like fat loss, glowing skin, and quick wit you never had!

Ready to continue down the path of ultimate healthy living and the dream body that’s always been just within reach?

I’m 100% committed to your success as a member of the HIT IT DON’T QUIT IT Living Keto family. Are you? Join us today and remove all question, doubt, and fear that you’ll never have your dream body or live the vibrant, healthy life you deserve.

See you inside!


Ivett Racz, Certified Keto Coach