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When I started with Keto, I was heavy, tired, and always hungry. I felt bad if I did not eat every second hour. It felt hopeless. The Keto lifestyle saved me. Suddenly I lost from 81.3 kg to 64.8 kg! WITHOUT HUNGER.” –– Annica (That’s 36 pounds lost!) 


“I really started losing weight – 9 pounds in a month. ALSO I lost 2 chronic body problems I had had for many years: my legs would get very sore after being on my feet for an hour or 2.  GONE! I often woke up hungry in the middle of the night and couldn’t go back to sleep without eating something. GONE!” — Diane H.  


“I will soon be 55 years old. I have always been a thin type, but the changing age has made my hormones go nuts and I put on a lot of weight. None of the diets were effective… then I met the keto diet. The best thing is the keto diet is easy and I’m not hungry. So I lost 15 kgs in 3 months and I am maintaining my weight since then. It was a total success!!!!!” — Maria K (33 pounds down!)