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Ivett is 29 and she grew up in the heart of Hungary, Budapest.
She graduated from Art and Art history. But her real passion had always been trying to solve her own body problems and getting healthy. She had been searching the past 20 years for answers about her health. She has achived great understanding and success by following a ketogenic and intermitent fasting life style. She managed to get leaner than prepregnancy without starving herself.
She knows how the quality of life can be affected by being unhealty and how good it feels when you truly feel good.
Her own success made her pationate about the keto life style and turned into the goal of her life: help as many as possible to live a really healthy life. She trained as certified Dr Erik Berg Keto Coach and specializes in healthy ketosis.

She loves to make recipes and create solutions for low carb deserts and comfort foods… No one has to deprive themselves on a keto life style. Ivett is creating her on cookbook concentrating on deserts and comfort foods!



Vince, 30 has found keto on youtube and was once 110 kgs (242 lbs) and with the help of first calorie restriction and then keto is now 80 kgs (176 lbs). Vince doesn’t recommend calorie restriction anymore. After a few weeks on keto Vince has become totally hooked and a mega fan. In real life Vince is a Real Estate developer running his many projects and in his free time helping Ivett with her youtube channel and ever trying to learn as much as he can about the keto diet.

Together we run our Youtube channel which is about the ketogenic lifestyle and about making the keto lifestyle easy and livable. We would like that people get the same life changing wins that we got out of the keto diet. To be of more help we have done a course in Dr Eric Bergs healthy ketosis and Ivett is a certified keto coach.

Together we run this website so people can see our recipes, can sign up for coaching and can see the keto products that we recommend.

If you have business inquiries or are just wondering about anything you can fill out this form and we will answer you as soon as we can.

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