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At my heaviest and unhealthiest time of my life, I was 27 years old and 60 pounds overweight. Sure, I could have blamed it on baby weight, but the fact was I had always been struggling with body problems and trying to get healthy.

Things got to a point where I was so unhealthy that I had chronic inflammation, was constantly tired, had the back pain of an 80-year-old, and needed to take pain killers just to fall asleep at night.

This was NOT the life I wanted for myself, or how I wanted my child to see me as they grew up!

I went to doctor after doctor only to be sent down a never-ending path of tests and misdiagnosis. I didn’t want to take more pills, tests, or take medical advice that I wasn’t sure was going to give me a long term solution.

My rock bottom happened when I had a miscarriage — something that deeply affected me mentally, emotionally, and physically. I knew things had to change and I couldn’t stay like this.

I was trapped inside a body and lifestyle that didn’t allow me to be who I was as an energetic, passionate, and youthful woman!

I wanted to try something totally new, something I hadn’t ever tried before… a new start and a new beginning was what I desired.


Vince, my husband, who was once 110 kgs/242 pounds (and is now 80 kgs/176 pounds), tried the keto diet and after seeing great weight loss results in a matter of weeks, he couldn’t stop raving about it!

I was really skeptical to try it at first. It sounded like calorie restriction, which I had tried and didn’t like, and didn’t really make sense. How was it that I was supposed to eat more fat to lose fat?

But I saw Vince’s results, and after a lot of convincing I decided to try it… I didn’t have anything to lose! Except hopefully extra fat!

Within just a few weeks my inflammation decreased, I had a lot less back pain, and I didn’t have to take pain killers anymore to fall asleep (this was huge for me!). I started to lose weight, which made me feel that for the first time this was something that could really work.

Ivett Racz – Certified Weight Loss Coach

Contact me for coaching: info@livingketo.org


I stayed on the Keto diet, and I kept losing weight and feeling better than ever. I eventually became leaner than I was before my first pregnancy, and it wasn’t through restricting calories!

Three months after starting Keto, my mom was diagnosed with cancer. (*NOTE: I am in no way claiming that I or the Keto diet are able to cure illnesses, diseases, or health symptoms)

My mom decided she wanted to try alternative treatments, so she switched to the Keto diet (100% her decision) and became my ‘first client’. She saw great results and is now cancer free today.

There is 100% a direct correlation between what you put into your body and how you feel mentally and physically. Food matters and has an effect on your overall wellbeing.

Do you want to continue to have short spurts of satisfaction from sugary and high-carb foods, only to still struggle with mental fatigue, excess fat, exhaustion, inflammation, digestive issues…

I certainly didn’t. The thing I love about the Keto diet so much is that I love that I can make Keto-friendly recipes that are low-carb desserts and comfort foods, so I never feel deprived (check out some of my recipes HERE).

After becoming a Dr. Eric Berg certified Keto & Intermittent Fasting Coach, I’ve now helped over 50 clients achieve incredible results in their health and get on the fast track to their weight loss goals.