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My name is Ivett. My team and I help middle-aged or older ladies fit into their old clothes again, reagin their energy and health through our healthy eating and coaching programs! We have helped 1000s of ladies just like you. 

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This is a FREE challenge/kickstart for 50 middle-aged or older ladies who want to give a fresh try to old jeans again..👖

🧬 We specialize in stubborn situations and set points with cutting edge principles that take the body’s genetically coded way of operation into account.

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"I’ve done 6 + 2 weeks with wonderful Ivett Racz and @living__keto I’ve learned so much – how to live this way with keto and IF as natural parts of life. How to get back to keto if fallen out, how to adjust it to my life, how to adjust eating to current situations. It’s perfect, I’m set up for success. I’m glad I came back here after Xmas and my first 6 weeks as this time around I got certain and lots more details in place. Since I started I’ve lost about 10 kilos and 10 cm around my waist. Gone from 42/44 to size 38. All hormonal imbalances totally are gone, sleeping well, more energy, happy calm stomach, my skin is gorgeous, I look younger and more alive, my back is more straight and muscles more toned. The list is long of amazing benefits. This has been worth it 10 times over! Love you Ivett thank you soooooo much!!"


"I started with Keto in May 2018. I was heavy, tired, and always hungry. I felt bad if I did not eat every second hour. It felt hopeless. Then Keto lifestyle saved me. Suddenly I lost from 81.3 kg to 64.8 kg! WITHOUT HUNGER. However, I didn’t fully understand Keto and still addicted to aspartame. Ivett helped me out of the jungle and misunderstandings I had. She is a safe terminal and always there when needed. She helped me to understand Keto more and to learn the fundamentals and how the body works. I truly believe that Ivett is able to help anyone with her knowledge, she can change ones life! I understood more about my body type and how to help my body! If you need a change! If you need to have more energy! And not be hungry, this is the woman you need to contact. PS: I gave birth to 4 children! There is hope!"


"I am very happy that I have started with the Healthy Keto some month ago, in July 2019, and one to one coaching from Ivett. I have all my life struggled with my body weight, and every time I failed trying to handle the issue. The overweight and my overload of eating sugar, carbohydrate food like bread, sweet cookies, pasta, rice and potatoes and of course candy, ice cream and chocolate also bring many bad health issues in my body such: headaches, ischias pain in my back, neck and a stiff feeling. ALL of the above issues and problems in my body are totally gone now!! Now only 4,5 months later I can both see and feel, experience the result from the Keto diet and the excellent coaching from Ivett. I have gone from size L/XL to M and lost over 10 kg in this period. Such a win to fit in old clothes, pants again! I am very satisfied with everything in this new lifestyle and the cravings for sweets are gone and feeling instead more energy in my body and in life. I can get more things done and the body feels so much smoother and lighter. The skin is more glowing and I feel and look younger! I know all this has not been possible to do on my own, because it is a BIG challenge to change an eating habit for so long, from I was a child to this better way of eating and get my body run on fat instead of sugar/carbohydrates. Ivett help me with my questions fast and every week I get a study program with Dr. Berg videos to watch so I know what happens in my body and how and why I need certain supplements. The best thing is that you in this Keto diet eat very nice and tasty meals no sacrifice when there are many good veggies to compared to the protein part, meat, fish, cheese, egg, chicken etc.. To invest in your health and make a change is a must and a lifesaving thing when otherwise the welfare diseases, like Diabetes type 2, stroke and heart problems lie ahead of one. I feel really good now and are extremely happy to get to know this and now for the first time, I have control over my own wellbeing and health thanks to super nice and competent, caring Ivett! Couldn ́t make it without your guidance and pepp!"


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