NICE TO HAVE YOU HERE! We are Ivett and Vince! You will find here our keto and low crab recipes from sponge cake trough comfort foods and meal plans, our tested and loved keto products in our shop and keto coaching based on healthy ketosis and intermittent fasting by Dr Eric Berg, supporting your health and weight loss. 

We share our own experience and keto journey with you here and on our youtube channel.

We hope you like what you see here and stick around. 


When you go keto you have to throw all you know about cooking out the window and if you dont want to eat the same 3 foods every day you need new recipes. Here are our keto recipes.

Easy keto chocolate mousse recipe

It takes 5 min to make and this is Ivett´s favourite keto dessert. It is a basic recipe but you can develop it further to make chocolate cream or pudding out of it.

Our best keto pancake recipe

The recipe below is our best keto pancake recipe. This is 3 months of trial and error. Accidentally I made a recipe that tasted really good, not like almond flour and I dont think you can tell the difference between this and a non keto pancake.

keto vanilla pudding

This is our keto vanilla pudding recipe. We did this recipe as a celebration as we have just been finished with a really big move and we thought this was the perfect keto dessert to celebrate with.


There is a lot more to keto than just eating high fat and cutting back on carbs. You can have a lot of other issues that can hinder weight loss for example bad sleep or too much stress. Then there can be digestive issues and hormonal imbalances which need addressing before one can start losing weight. If you are having any trouble with your keto journey you are more than welcome to check out our coaching section which can help debug you and put you on the right track. If you are a beginner and just starting out with the keto lifestyle we can help you build up your healthy ketosis and get you to the level where you can pursue the keto lifestyle without further coaching.